Best Perches for Large Cats & Maine Coons

K&H Manufacturing Thermo Kitty Sill Fleece

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When you own a big cat - whether it’s a Maine Coon, a Norwegian Forest Cat, or just a large and corpulent British Shorthair (or is that just me?) - you’ll know that this gig comes with its own unique set of challenges.

One of these is finding the right kind of perch or cat tower for your big kitty.

Those cute little hammocks that stick on the side of the window and let your cat look out are adorable, but you know they’d collapse under the weight of your gentle giant. And lovely little cat towers with gorgeous little soft beds supported by a flimsy pole? That’s fine for most cat owners, but you’re well aware they’d topple if your pet tried to get inside.

So what are the best perches for large cats and Maine Coons?

In this article we’ll cover everything you need to know about providing the perfect perch for your pussin.

Why does your Maine Coon need a cat perch?

Maine Coons are a wonderful cat breed – they’re affectionate, playful and fun to be around. But like all of us - owners included! - Maine Coons need their space from time to time.

For cats, being able to get away from other people and animals is a key part of their behavioral expression. At different times of the day, they need to have a spot by themselves where they can safely sleep, groom or simply watch the world go by (while silently judging it, no doubt).

This special space helps a cat to relax and de-stress. Without it, a cat can suffer. You might think your pussin is fine without one, but it is likely that they will be in a constant state of vigilance – you really should invest in a perch or a cat tree.

Cats appreciate being high up as it gives them an excellent vantage point to see from. It helps them to feel safe and protected, as they can’t be ambushed or attacked when they’re in this spot.

A cat perch or cat tree also increases the amount of vertical space in your home. Instantly, it provides a range of extra seats and spaces that your big cat or Maine Coon can claim as their own.

Your large cat or Maine Coon might use their perch for a range of different reasons. Some examples include:

  • a dominant Maine Coon will mark their territory by claiming the highest spot of the cat tree.
  • a kitty who is shy might prefer to hide inside one of the enclosed “cubby holes” on the cat tower
  • cats who need time away from their litter mates, or other pets in the house, or small children, will often retreat to their perch for some alone time.

What should you look for when choosing a perch or cat tree for your Maine Coon?

When you’ve got a large, heavy cat at home, you need to select your cat perch to suit their bigger format.

Strong enough to Support Weight

First of all, it needs to be strong enough to take their weight. This means a solid construction, not just so that the different boxes and seats can support your sleeping animal, but also so that it can withstand the weight of your cat leaping up onto it from the ground, or leaping off it from the top. It needs to have a wide, stable base that won’t rock. You don’t want the cat perch to topple over!

Can it fit your Cat?

Next, make sure that the size of the perches, boxes and sleeping areas are big enough for your Maine Coon to fit comfortably inside. Avoid the cat towers that have small, flat perches – you need something that’s large enough to support your cat, including its hind legs. Cats don’t feel comfortable or relaxed when their legs are dangling. Look for something that will “cradle” your cat so that they can truly relax.

Many cat trees and perches have round or u-shaped perches with a small lip at the edge. Choose one of these, in a size that suits your pussin so that they can be completely enclosed inside it and not worry about their legs slipping off.

Best perches for large cats or Maine Coons

Here are three great options you can choose from for your large cat or Maine Coon:

K&H Manufacturing Kitty Sill

Specially designed for large cats, this add-on window sill is designed to support kitties of up to 40 pounds. Advertised as “the sturdiest perch on the market”, this product has a range of options that can increase the comfort for your pet – including models with heating, as well as special bolster cushions to help support your animal, and different mounting options. They are excellent for rental homes as there is no screw-in or fixings required. It measures 14” x 24” and comes with a cover that can be removed for easy washing.

Available on

New Cat Condos Premier Triple Perch

For owners who don’t have a lot of room to spare, this compact cat perch can offer a great choice for your large cat. It has a “stepped” design that can help your big cat get up and down – which is especially useful if they’re older or starting to suffer from the arthritis that some large cats and Maine Coons experience. It has three separate lounging areas with a ledge to help your cat feel protected and comfortable. With sisal scratching and hardy carpet covering, it’s comfortable and enjoyable for your cat to use. You can choose from five colours.

Available on

Molly and Friends 5-tier Cat Tree

If you have two or more big cats or Maine Coons, then this high-end cat tree is an excellent choice! It has six seating/sleeping options at different heights, and at 66 inches tall it provides excellent “observation deck” options for your cats. It’s made from durable carpet and sisal with plenty of scratching options. With a base of 36” x 24” it won’t rock and topple as your kitties leap up and down. It comes fully built and doesn’t require assembly.

Available on